Help Us Hold

Politicians Accountable


Statement from the Oklahoma Project about its work in the 2022 election

More than 2,400 Oklahomans have contributed to The Oklahoma Project because they want politicians like Kevin Stitt to be held accountable for his corruption and misuse of our tax dollars. Under Kevin Stitt, we’ve suffered scandal after scandal, and we’re committed to getting the facts out to protect our tax dollars, stop his attacks on public schools, and address Oklahoma’s bottom-of-the-barrel rankings when it comes to educationhealth care, and our economy.

Kevin Stitt has been called the “most corrupt Governor in the last 47 years” and he’s earned that title with so many scandals during his four years in office. From his administration’s refusal to hold Epic Charter schools accountable for the largest abuse of tax dollars in our state’s history, to the Swadley’s scandal, to moving millions of tax dollars to his family’s business, Kevin Stitt has consistently misused our tax dollars while our children and families fall even further behind.

We are committed to getting out the facts in this election to ensure that voters are aware of the record abuse of our tax dollars.